Razer Core X Lets You Add A Discrete GPU To Any Windows And Mac Laptop

We are big fans of the external graphics core Razer, which allows you to connect a powerful graphics card to a fast computer. The problem is that the damn thing is expensive, like hell, considering that you still have to pay a good chunk of money for the actual graphics card to put it inside. Razer Core X offers a more affordable alternative.

Razer Core X Lets You Add A Discrete GPU To Any Windows And Mac Laptop

The cost is only $ 200 less than the last iteration of the external GPU on the site, combined with the same capabilities as its predecessor, you can add the processing power of any GPU to any laptop or desktop machine. In return, it is not so beautiful and compact, but given the fact that this setup, which you are likely to keep on your gaming table at home, we doubt that this should cause any concern.
The Razer Core X comes in a 13 x 6.3 x 2.4 in. (Length x height x depth) enclosure, which makes it compact enough to keep desktop contact with the laptop. Because of its large profile, it can accommodate large video cards, which makes it compatible with three-slot graphics processors, in contrast to the size of the 2.2-slot supported by the previous model. This means that you can use it with these massive high-end graphics cards if you are looking for the best performance. If you want to add a discrete GPU to your current setting for playing AAA games, editing 4K video or streaming on Twitch, this thing allows you to do all of this and much more.
Because it is designed for larger graphics processors, the enclosure also has a more powerful 650W power supply to support these massive cards, ensuring that it will be compatible with any updates that you make in the near future. It also integrated cooling with strategically located air vents to optimize thermal performance. As in previous versions, the installation connects to your laptop or desktop computer through a Thunderbolt 3 connection, transmitting data and power over a single cable. And, yes, it's fast, with the data transfer to 40 Gbit / s.
Razer Core X can support any Nvidia and AMD graphics processor from 2014, provided that you use Windows 10 on your laptop or desktop. MacBook users who want to add the power of a discrete graphics processor to their systems also do not stand aside, although they can only use AMD Radeon and AMD Vega graphics processors, and a full list of supported cards is available directly on the Razer website. Oh yeah, if you use it with a MacBook, you'll need to run macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 or later.
To shave the price, Razer, naturally, had to make some omissions. In this case, they have removed several USB and Ethernet connections, so the installation will not double as an auxiliary hub. It's the same with Chroma RGB Lighting, which has been the staple of almost every Razer product in the last couple of years, so it will not sync with the rest of your gaming equipment.
Now Razer Core X is available for $ 299.
25 May 2018 /
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