Curi The prettiest robot


Curi The prettiest robot 


Possessing amazing visual physical characteristics, the device is equipped with features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 1080p cam and solid wheels designed for cross-interpolation of any internal floors. The eyes of the robot chicken clearly show that it was designed to make it the nicest robot assistant in the market.
Created with the support of Bosch Mayfield Robotics, Curie can use her camera to protect the security of your home and more vulnerable family members, like pets, especially when you are away. Using its WiFi connection, it can notify you about the weather at the appointed time. It can also work with IFTT, an online rule developer with a ton of smart home partners, to manage some connected devices.

Curi The prettiest robot

Unlike other auxiliary robots on the market, Kuri's advantage is his personality! With its dodgy dumb chirks and nods, this makes the robot more attractive to children. It makes it easier for this device to chase your children without knocking them out of the rut! Instead, you can more safely control the safety of your children, pets and older family members when using the Curi. The device will monitor the various rooms and halls in your house, while entertaining them!

Curi The prettiest robot

Curie recognizes faces and contexts, so she adapts her cute responses according to each member, and although Curie can not speak, the robot plays podcasts, music and tell stories to help young people fall asleep at night. And if there are not enough stories for the night, in his trunk the robot has built-in LED lights to drive away the monsters and entertain the children until they lull to sleep.

The robot is instantly attractive, it smiles and looks at you, answering your remarks, using voice recognition technology. Once he fully recognizes you and your voice, he will be able to move successfully from room to room thanks to the remote control in the application. He is unlikely to encounter objects found on his way, due to his laser sensor and is only 20 inches high and 14 pounds / 6.3 kg, so you can easily pull it onto different floors.
Kuri has an app for iOS and Android, as well as three hours of battery life.

By the time it starts, it can follow a normal procedure based on who recognizes it and send user notifications, for example, notifying you if your baby is too close to the stove so you can call him / her in another room And distract them From the oven, or yell at your cat sitting on the kitchen counter. He will use predefined routes, notifying you if he sees something unusual and uses his movement and sound detection to track down an unusual phenomenon by sending you a record.
Although Kuri will soon be launched, we hope that in the next release it will develop into a toy for family recreation, so as not to lose its attractiveness!

29 May 2017 /
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