Mycroft Mark II Smart Speaker Comes With A Privacy-Focused And Open-Source Voice Assistant

Mycroft Mark II Smart Speaker Comes With A Privacy-Focused And Open-Source Voice Assistant


From phones and computers to speakers and Furby, voice assistants are now everywhere. And they all do basically the same thing: they answer questions, they fulfill orders, and they record all your data to their servers. This last part is the reason why Mycroft mark II exists.
Like Alexa, Google home, and Siri, the built-in voice assistant speaker sends your data to a Cloud server for processing if you ask him to play his music, or request any type of information. By contrast, your data is not stored on servers after processing, so all your personal data remains private, instead of being used by companies and advertisers.
The Mycroft mark II is an ideal speaker with a vertical capsule shape and built-in display allowing you to visually show information about the top of the voice responses. It launches mycroft voice assistant, an open source AI that can do all the basic things of a virtual assistant, from web search and playlist management to showing weather forecasts and controlling various smart home products. Similar to Alexa, it also comes with a skill library, so you can easily expand your skill set. Even better, the fact that it's open source means that you can customize it to suit your preferences, provided that you have the coding skills to do so, of course.
It comes with a 10-watt speaker that is powered by a pair of two-inch full range of drivers that is located in the ported and jammed sound of the camera, producing stereo sound that the outfit is described as bright and comprehensive. It pairs that with a six-microphone array that is capable of in the far zone the detection of the voice using the combination of acoustic Echo cancellation, noise suppression, beam forming and technologies.  Suffice it to say, it can isolate the user's voice even in the most noisy environments.
Mycroft Mark II has a 4 inch IPS touch screen in portrait orientation that can be used to display items such as clocks, calendars and weather forecasts. We're not really sure if it can play the video, though they have the skills for YouTube, so maybe it can play the content from Google's video service at least. The voice assistant, by the way, is designed to be perfectly functional out of the box, making it really consumer-ready from the start, all while remaining fully hacked, so you can extend its functionality with some coding if you're so inclined.
The dimensions are 7.7 x 4.2 inches (height x diameter), so it is small enough to fit anywhere around the house. It comes with Wi-Fi for jumping on your home network, Bluetooth to pair with different gadgets, microSD card slot for firmware updates, as well as full-size USB port for file transfer. Please note that the voice assistant currently only works in English, although the outfit promises that they are working on adding Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and German at the moment.
The Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Mycroft Mark II. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $ 129.
09 March 2018 /
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