This Space-Saving Crock-Pot Slow Cooks Three Dishes At The Same Time


This Space-Saving Crock-Pot Slow Cooks Three Dishes At The Same Time


Slow cooker with one pot is amazing as they allow you to cook a great meal leaving only one container for cleaning. The problem is that there are times when you definitely want to cook more than one dish, which leaves you no choice but to snatch up the stove and good dishes. The crock-pot swing and serve offers an alternative.
Instead of one pot as a regular multivarka, the device comes with two small pots above it, which allows you to cook up to three different dishes at the same time occupying the same area as the usual clay pot. That's right, there's no need to add an extra appliance to the counter for more versatile cooking, as this thing can cook a trio of dishes on its own. To prepare the main dish for a large pot and use smaller to whip up two kinds of failures? Yes, it will work. How about a main course on a large saucepan, a side dish on one small saucepan and a soup on the other? It is also good, making for one efficient device. The crock-pot swing and serve comes with a 3.5-litre pan at the base level and is positioned two 1.5-litre right above it. Smaller tanks are held by pivoting the arms, allowing you to position them over a large tank when not in use to optimize the space, then swing them to the rear to access the larger tank. Each of the pots come with its own cooking settings (for each of them there is one control knob), so you can set each one by yourself so that everything is cooked as provided by the recipe.
The addition of two smaller tanks actually opens it up to some unique applications. You can, for example, use one of the smaller pots to cook a meal for one as well as cook two smaller portions of your favorite dishes for the days when only one or two people dine at home, all the time having the option to cook a larger meal when needed. Simply put, it is a more versatile multivarka, which opens up more opportunities for cooking. Like other CROC-pots, swing & flow comes with removable pots and lids, so you can easily clean them after your family has plundered the dining table. The smaller pots, by the way, comes with lids that are hinged into the container, making them ideal for serving meals all by themselves. The dimensions are 13.8 x 16.3 x 14.2 mm (height x width x depth) for the appliance so it takes as much space as a standard multi-cooker, make it still leaves enough room for all your other Essentials (you know how this amazing double Breakfast sandwich maker). The structure in the back holding the swiveling arms, by the way, comes with slots for holding utensils, with the ability to accommodate up to 3 serving spoons, so you can use the device as a Central serving station.
Crock-pot swing and serve is now available.
09 March 2018 /
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