Insta360 Nano S Is A 360-Degree 4K Action Cam For Your iPhone


Insta360 Nano S Is A 360-Degree 4K Action Cam For Your iPhone

Back when it was originally released, Nano Insta360 got a lot of attention thanks to its compact size and smart design, which were easily integrated with the iPhone. This 360-degree camera is now updated in the Insta360 Nano S form, which combines the same elegant design with more powerful video recording capabilities.

Like its predecessor, the camera snaps into the Lightning port of your iPhone, which places the dual lenses on the end of the smartphone. Once clicking on the iPhone, the camera uses the smartphone screen as a viewfinder, and all this allows you to manage the recording using the application interface. Thus, you can shoot a spherical video by holding the phone in a normal portrait orientation, regardless of whether you carry it by hand or set it vertically on your favorite booth.
Insta360 Nano S can capture video with 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, which makes it much more suitable for spherical video than its predecessor's 3,040 x 1,520 pixels. I mean, when it comes to 360-degree video, you'll need every pixel that you can get, unless you're willing to put up with less harsh footage. Although it is intended for use when connected to the iPhone, the camera can also record footage on its own, although connecting to the iPhone does bring some additional benefits.
For example, unlike the Insta360 One, the camera does not have built-in stabilization, so its use at its discretion will most likely result in shaky frames. On the other hand, when it is connected to the iPhone, it can be synchronized with the gyro of the smartphone, the indication of which it uses to counteract each fluctuation and shaking in real time, which allows recording more stable video material. For photos, the camera can capture 20-megapixel imagery either in standard photography or in a 360-degree image.
The Insta360 Nano S comes with a 800 mAh battery that is enough to run for up to 60 minutes of video capture, so you'll want to bring a power bank if you want to use it for shooting outdoor video. It has an SD card slot for storing still images and movies with a maximum supported capacity of 128 GB, although you can also save frames on your smartphone if you have enough storage capacity. Remember that it only works with the iPhone 6 and above, so make sure you have one of these devices if you plan on getting this thing.
As in the latest editions of Insta360, the companion application comes with the FreeCapture feature, which allows editing a 360-foot frame in a standard frame. This means that you can play the director after taking a picture, for example, panning from the end of the room to another or after the object while it is moving around the stage. It also supports 360-degree livestreaming, complete with the ability to give someone a view of the flow control of your snapshot so they can move around and check everything they want in the environment.
Now available Insta360 Nano S.
24 February 2018 /
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