Suggestions for the sale of Paytm smartphones include iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, Google Pixel Cashback and other offers

After selling Pre-GST last week, Paytm has now released another sale specifically designed for smartphones with fingerprint scanners. As part of the sale, Paytm offers cash up to Rs. 10 000 in the purse Paytm on a number of smartphones, including iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, Google Pixel, Oppo F3, Vivo V5 and HTC Desire 10 Pro and others. To use cashback, buyers will have to apply promotional codes when purchasing a smartphone on a separate page.

Suggestions for the sale of Paytm smartphones include iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, Google Pixel Cashback and other offers

Sale Paytm is currently live and will end on Sunday, June 25th. Without further delay, let us quickly move on to cashback offers on smartphones on sale.

Cashback offers on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone SE
Paytm offers a cashback of Rs. 9999 for the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Jet Black and (matt) black versions, which are currently listed at the price of Rs. 91,800 plus rupees. 199 delivery fee, the total amount of Rs. 91999. When applying the promotional code "A10K", you will see a mark of the amount of money back Rs. 9999 next to the specified price in the cart. The effective price after cashback is Rs. 82,000, but you will have to pay the full amount of Rs. 91,999 when making a purchase on Paytm.

Similarly, the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Silver, Rose Gold and Gold are sold at a price of Rs. 79 900, Rs. 79,984 and Rs. 78 698, respectively, with Rs. 199 additional fees for delivery. After applying the same promotional code on each of the iPhone, effective prices for the iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB Silver, Gold Gold and Gold will be 70,100 rupees. 70, 184 and Rs. 68 898 in the appropriate order.

IPhone 7 Plus 128GB in Rose Gold and Gold colors are available for Rs. 70,999 with Rs. 199 shipping charge. For 128-GB memory models, Paytm offers a cashback of Rs. 6 250 when applying the "MOB6250" code - creating an effective price for the aforementioned iPhone on Rs. 64948. On the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Silver, Black and Jet Black color models, the price is Rs. 68,998, Rs. 66,999 and Rs. 65,766 with strawberries with rupees. 199 the shipping cost, which after the application of cashback rupees. 6 250 will give them an effective price of Rs. 62,947, Rs. 60,948 and Rs. 59,715, respectively.
With 32 GB of memory and color models of the iPhone 7 Plus, the cache memory is reduced to Rs. 5 750 on the application of the code "MOB5750". However, cashback of Rs is displayed on the Paytm website. 7 000 on the Silver and Gold models with the same promotional code, but when we tried to buy them, the cashback Rs offered. 5750. Effective prices for the iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB Gold, Silver, Black and Rose Gold are currently sold in Rs. 58,359, Rs. 58 598, Rs. 58,949 and Rs. 58 629 will be Rs. 52,808, Rs. 53,047, Rs. 53,398 and Rs. 53,078 respectively.

The amount of cash on the iPhone 7 256 GB storage model in the colors Silver, Black, Gold, Rose Gold and Jet Black is Rs. 5000 after the application of the code "A5K", after which the effective prices will be:

IPhone 7 256GB Silver - Rs. 70 393 after a refund at the price of Rs. 75 194 (includes a shipping fee of Rs 199)
IPhone 7 256 GB Black - Rs. 57,198 after a refund in Rs. 62,198 (includes shipping fee Rs 199)
IPhone 7 256GB Gold - 55,189 rupees after a refund for Rs. 60 189 (includes Rs 199 for delivery)
IPhone 7 256 GB Pink gold - Rs. 56 099 after a refund in Rs. 61,099 (includes a shipping fee of Rs 199)
IPhone 7 256GB Jet Black - Rs. 56 099 after a refund in Rs. 61,099 (includes a shipping fee of Rs 199)
IPhone 7 with a storage of 128 GB is sold in Rs. 53 409 for the color of gold, 53 344 for the color of pink gold, Rs. 53,990 for Jet Black and Rs, 52,999 for the black version, with optional Rs. 199 for delivery. Effective prices after the return of the cash in rupees. 5 500 when using the code "MOB5500" - Rs. 48,108, Rs. 48,043, Rs. 48,689 and Rs. 47,698 in the appropriate order, as indicated above.

Offer cashback for storage of iPhone 7 32 GB - Rs. 4500 at the request of "MOB4500" as a promo code. Initial prices, including shipping costs, followed by effective prices after refund, are as follows:

IPhone 7 32GB Black - Rs. 46 199 will be rupees. 41699
IPhone 7 32GB Rose gold - Rs. 46,647 will be Rs. 42147
IPhone 7 32GB Silver - Rs. 46599 will be Rs. 42099
IPhone 7 32GB Gold - Rs. 45 498 will be Rs. 40998
IPhone SE 64GB in Rose Gold color is sold in Rs. 27,299 from Rs. 199 postage. After you apply the promotional code "A3K", you will get the right to receive cash. 3000 on the device, and the effective price will be Rs. 24498. Option iPhone SE 32GB in the colors of Rose Gold, Gold and Silver is sold in Rs. 22999. When applying the promotional code "MOB2000" you will receive a cashback of Rs. 2000, and the effective price will be equal to Rs. 21198.

The version of the color of the iPhone SE 16GB Rose Gold is listed in Rs. 20 498, in which there is a cashback of Rs. 2,250 after the application of "MOB2250" as a promo code. Its effective price is Rs. 18 447 (after including delivery fee Rs 199). Color options for gold and silver for the iPhone SE 16GB are sold at a price of Rs. 21,499 and Rs. 21 490 in the appropriate order. After the cashback they will cost you Rs. 19,448 and Rs. 19 439, respectively, including Rs. 199 delivery fee.

The red models of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are also available for purchase, but without cashback.

Offers the Cashback on Google Pixel, Oppo F1s, Vivo V5s and other Android smartphones
Google Pixel 32GB storage version is currently sold on Rs. 42,750 black and Rs. Very expensive silver $ 40,500. You can get up to 15 percent of the list at most Rs. 9,999. The Google Pixel 128GB storage model is very Silver Rs. The color of "Quite Black" is not available at 50,239.

At 32 GB, Google Pixel XL has a few colors, black and silver. 50,369 and Rs. Up to 50,368 15% cashback offer up to Rs. 9,999. 128GB retention models are Rs. Simple black color and Rs 60,490. The color version of Mexico is worth $ 63,990. To buy 15% cash, buyers will need to use the "MOB15" code.

Other popular smartphones like Oppo F3 and Vivo V5 are available for sale. Oppo F3 64GB gold color listed on Rs. 18,821 Rs. 99 delivery fee. After the 'MOB14' code, you will have the right to receive 14% of the amount not Rs. 9,999 limit. Vivo V5s Matte Black's 64GB will return the amount of cash to 14% of the Rs price tag. 18,200 Rs. 99 delivery fee.

Sold at HTC 10 Pro Rs. Black and Rs 21,094 pieces. 19,999 optional Rs for Polar White colors. 99 delivery fee. When Paytm uses the "MOB12" as a promo code, this smartphone offers 12%.

You can check all other smartphones on the Paytm sales page by fingerprints scanners and you will find more offers on smartphones. When you use the promo code, you can not make the Delivery (CoD) option in cash. Therefore, you will need to make a choice between the debit, credit card and the bank.

23 June 2017 /
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