The Logitech MX Vertical Mouse combines advanced ergonomics with Multi-PC control

The Logitech MX Vertical Mouse combines advanced ergonomics with Multi-PC control


What the hell is on your desk? This is the obvious first thing that people will ask when they see the Logitech MX Vertical. We mean, is it a mini humidifier, a new speaker with a virtual assistant or some kind of tabletop toy? Of course, they are all wrong, since the Logitech version is for a vertical mouse, which is slowly gaining more and more people due to its greatly improved ergonomics.
As part of the MX peripheral line for the mouse, it takes design and performance elements of the series, and then applies them to the form factor of the vertical shape. Honestly, it does not look like the rest of his brothers and sisters (not even the MX trackball version), but it can be good, as it promises "advanced ergonomics" that will give users the "next level" comfort. "
Unlike traditional mouse peripherals that have their palms facing down, the Logitech MX Vertical makes your hand stand up in a handshake that, according to the equipment, immediately reduces muscle strain by 10 percent. It has a 57-degree vertical angle that positions the hand so that there is less pressure on the wrist, making all your mouse-oriented navigation gestures more natural. They combine this ergonomic design, which they claim to have experienced in various shapes and sizes of hands, with a textured surface that provides the user with a strong and natural grip for ease of movement.
It uses a 4000 DPI sensor, which, according to the kits, allows it to perform the same actions with four smaller hand movements than a conventional mouse, which leads to a further reduction in fatigue of muscles and hands. This means that he has a cursor that moves fairly quickly on the screen, which, admittedly, can not be preferred for everyone. Thus, they reset the cursor speed indicator easily accessible with the thumb, which allows you to slow it down to a more comfortable tempo (you can set it in steps of 50 dots per inch from 400 to 4000 dots per inch).
Logitech MX Vertical puts traditional mouse controls on the right side of the device, namely the scroll wheel and the left and right buttons, so you can easily access them with the index and middle fingers, like a regular mouse. From what we can say, this design will work very well for most performance functions, although you may have to resort to your standard palms-down peripheral as soon as you need speed and accuracy to kill any type of field from the first face shooter.
Like other mice in the MX lineup, it can connect to three devices simultaneously and alternate with the switch button, giving you many connectivity options with built-in Bluetooth, a USB-C cable, and compatibility with a unified receiver. Other features include a 10-meter wireless working distance, a 240 mAh battery, designed for four months of use between charges, and dimensions of 3.1 x 3.1 x 4.7 inches (height x width x depth).

Logitech MX Vertical for $ 99.99.

25 August 2018 /
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