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WORX Axis Saw Can Go From Jig Saw To Reciprocating Saw In One Button Press

If you buy either a jigsaw or a reciprocating saw, there is no shortage of electric options in both wired and wireless versions. However, instead of buying one of them, the WORX Axis saw gives you both functions in just one tool, which allows you to save some space in the tool kit, while at the same time being equipped to perform additional work.

That's right, this drive saw can function as a jigsaw and a reciprocating saw, allowing you to replace two tools with one unit. Moreover, the conversion from one type of saw does not require assembly, as is the case with modular tools, since this can be done in one motion, which allows you to switch from one saw to another in literally a second.

The WORX axial saw can be transformed from one saw to another with a simple trick: it has a head that can be tilted 45 degrees. This simple function allows the blade to be oriented horizontally at one moment and vertically at the next, which allows it to transform from a jigsaw to a reciprocating saw and vice versa in one simple action. Just press the big red button to unlock the head, tilt it the way you want, and you are ready to start working with either a jigsaw or a reciprocating motion in your hand. It can also perform both orbital and linear strokes - just press the switch on the top of the device to switch from one to the other, making it ideal for any job in both of its configurations.

It is designed to work with any brand of reciprocating saw blade and jigsaw with a T-shaped shank, so you just select any specific blade you need to work, and start cutting anything. With the right type of blade, the tool motor should be strong enough to allow you to go through everything from wood and plastic to fiberglass and tile to thin steel and wood branches. This engine, by the way, is located on the left side of the power tool housing, which allows you to simultaneously rotate both the engine and the gear transmission, without interfering with each other. According to the kit, this eliminates the most common causes of slippage and displacement, allowing cleaner and more efficient cuts.

The WORX axial saw also has a built-in vacuum cleaner that allows you to quickly remove all dust from the material you work with, so you can clearly see what you are cutting without wasting time on manual work. brush away all the dirt. Heck, you can probably run the vacuum cleaner all the time, so any dust is automatically removed, providing continuous visibility for any cutting project.

As with most of the latest tools, it runs on a removable 20 V lithium-ion battery, so you can just replace the new module if you ever have no power in the middle of the job. By the way, there is a battery indicator, so you know exactly if you need to look for this spare module, as well as an LED lamp for those cases when you are cutting in a poorly lit place.

Axial saw WORX is available now.

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