08 Feb 14:04New technology

Torchscope Puts A Camera On A Flashlight For Instant Video Proof Of Weird Things You See In The Dark

Remember, once, when you traveled at night through the wilderness with a flashlight and eventually saw a chupacabra playing with a gnome? So you pulled out your camera as quickly as possible to take photographic evidence, which, as it turned out, was not fast enough, because the two rushed from there in an instant. This will not be a problem when using the torch.

Made by General Tools, this is a heavy-duty flashlight with a built-in camera, so it can automatically record everything that the light is directed at. You no longer need to convince people to believe your story about chupacabra and the gnome, as the image will be transmitted to the video as soon as they cross the path of your beam.

The general-purpose flashlight has a maximum brightness of 1000 lumens, with three settings and two modes. Designed for rugged, professional uses (such as searching for gnomes and chupacabras), it has a stainless steel case that allows it to immerse in water to a depth of 33 feet and withstand falls from heights of up to three feet. On the front panel there is a built-in camera that can shoot in HD format with a viewing angle of 60 degrees, a built-in microphone for recording sound and a port for an SD card (4 GB included) for saving video. It has an LCD viewfinder on the case, which allows you to watch everything that the camera records with various settings available for both photos and video.

Yes, you can always simply attach the GoPro on top of your Nitecore Tiny Monster to do the same, but the resulting build is likely to be very cumbersome. A general purpose torch is now available for $ 299.

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