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Wainlux K6 packs a powerful laser engraver into a portable case that fits into small bags

This is not the first desktop laser engraver. They are quite common in consumer products. However, the Wainlux K6 is so compact and inexpensive that anyone can add it to their system.
The device measures just 6.8 x 6.8 x 6.4 inches, making it small enough to fit even in small backpacks and carry cases. This means you can take it with you to trade shows, parties, and other events if you want to engrave souvenirs, gifts, and other knickknacks on the fly. Anyway, whenever exhibitions, festivals and other social events become viable again.
The Wainlux K6 is equipped with a 3000mW laser that allows it to record images on any load of materials, from soft objects such as cardboard, felt and fabric, to harder objects such as wood, rubber and acrylic. Seriously, everything but metals should be fair prey for this laser, allowing it to be used to engrave a wide variety of objects. It uses a motorized rail system that allows the laser head to move in the X and Y axes, allowing you to capture any 2D design within a 3.14 x 3.14 inch work area. We know that it seems terribly small, but this is a limitation imposed by its ultra-compact size. According to company representatives, the milling speed is 1500 mm per minute, and the resolution is 508 dpi.
Although the workspace is small, it has a built-in workaround. You see, the entire base of the machine is open, allowing you to simply place it on top of any object you want to engrave, so you're not limited to engraving phone cases, wallets, and similar small items. This means you can use it to engrave designs on your leather briefcase, motorcycle helmet, and every piece of furniture you have in your home if you like. Better yet, if you want to engrave a label that is larger than the work area allows, you can simply cut the design into 3.14 '' pieces and engrave it one piece at a time, moving the location you want to engrave as you go.
The Wainlux K6 comes with a focus button that allows you to rotate the focal length to get the precise engraving you want, as well as directional controls that allow you to move the laser head higher, lower, left or right. You can, for example, raise it when working with soft fabrics to avoid burning a hole, and lower it when leaving patterns on harder materials such as wood for maximum burning power.
It has built-in Wi-Fi, so you can send designs to your device using your smartphone (iOS and Android) or PC (Windows and Mac OS), and also via a USB slot if you want to bind it to your computer instead. Features include built-in safety lenses (no need to wear goggles), safety sensors (turn off immediately when overheating or unusual movement is detected) and a design that makes it easy to replace the laser head for maintenance.
Wainlux K6 is currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign. You can reserve an apartment on bail from $ 159.

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