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Sharpin Ultra Might Be The Most Practical Way To Own A Pinball Machine

Pinball machines are fun. From their fun gameplay and colorful cabinets to playful themes and lively sound effects, they add a whole new arcade experience to any game room. The problem is that the damn things are huge, so you can buy them only if you have a big enough house in which there is a place. For the rest of us, Sharpin Ultra just might be our only choice to enjoy the arcade pinball at home.
No, this is not a real pinball machine. This is actually just a digital screen mounted on a case that simulates the angular arrangement of classic arcade brackets. It is also designed to sit on the table, instead of taking up space on the floor, which allows you to have a fairly accurate copy of the pinball machine without the usual difficult place. With this size, you can keep a pinball machine on your coffee table, on a table in your home office or even on your kitchen worktop, and also carry it anywhere in the house.
Sharpin Ultra is basically a miniature pinball case with a built-in 24-inch Full HD monitor on top, which is located in portrait orientation and at an angle similar to the playgrounds of traditional slot machines. Inside the case there is a computer specially created for running Android (indefinite quad-core processor, MALI 450 GPU, 4 GB of RAM), which essentially makes it a giant tablet that should run any pinball game available for the platform. This includes everything from Pinball FX3 and Pinball Arcade to Pinball Deluxe and everything in between. And yes, you can use it to run any game or application for Android, complete with the ability to connect a controller (it has ports), although you are limited to games that play in portrait orientation (if you don't want to strain) your neck).
It has one button on each side to control flippers, as well as a button on the leading edge to release the ball, which makes it very intuitive to use in any pinball game. Moreover, it should work with any name from the box without having to change the settings, which allows you to simply connect it, download any application and start playing.
Sharpin Ultra comes with two speakers, so you don’t need to connect additional speakers to hear all the sound effects that convey sounds. Prefer pinball games on PC rather than Android? Not a problem, since Sharpin Ultra can also act as a regular monitor. This means that you can connect it to your PC and set it up as a second display, which allows you to enjoy pinball games with full computer graphics. Please note that you may have to play around with the game settings a bit to transfer the flipper controls to the Sharpin buttons, but we imagine this is not too troublesome.
In truth, we would like them to add an additional display at the top of the cabinet. It would be far to feel like a real arcade machine. While we are talking about this, a sensor that can detect tremors should also help it feel like a real arcade installation, although we have a feeling that for this we need to develop games specifically for this machine.
Sharpin Ultra is currently in pre-order, with an April release date. Price € 499.

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